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To  contribute   to  the  society  excellent  individuals  will  in  turn  bring  forth  more  excellence.


To  make  the  best  education  available  to  all  social  levels:  the  rich, the  average   and  the  less  privileged


To  transform  the  minds  of  the  young   through  education  and  the  knowledge  of  God.

Every Student now has a portal for E-Learning and Result Checking

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Why Choose Us

Great leaning environment

The   school  also  has  an  ICT  center  where  the  students   have  their  practical   computer  training.  The   school   was  the  first …

World Class Facilities

At  her  performance   in  all  her  site,  you  simply  see  a   CAMPUS   with  modern  classrooms,  modern  hostel  facilities,   24  hours …

Committed Teachers

We deploy the services of only competent teachers. The school goes to great lengths in hiring the best teachers and…

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